About The Brand

The Sista-Friend Brand, LLC was birthed from a desire to self-care and self-love.
Life has a way of taking us through many highs, lows, and even far distances, so I wanted to create a simple love offering that served more than a single purpose. What better way to commemorate a special moment in time, change a mood, self-care, or connect, than through a memorable scent? Hence our motto, “Share A Bit of Sunshine.”
Personally, I birthed this brand during a time in my life where I desperately needed to pour into myself more. It just so happens that pouring candles would help me to do just that. Without the fuel of my own Sista-Friends helping me to put my pieces back together, none of this would be possible. So, this brand is also a symbol of the flourishing love that I have for them, and a nod to the many matriarchs that shared such love before us.
As women, it’s so easy to lose ourselves to life’s demands, so it is my goal, with The Sista-Friend Brand, to continue to create space and opportunities for women to pour into ourselves, first; and then into one another. 

As this brand continues to evolve, relationship building amongst women will continue to be at our core, but we also pride ourselves on providing quality products for all rays of sunshine.
We hope that you will continue to follow our brand and support us as we continue to explore and develop the purpose in our pour —with you in mind. Thanks for adding to our Sunshine! 

Your Favorite Sista-Friend,
Anndriené B.